Michael A. Carson

Welcome to Michael A Carson’s world of African American history.

Michael A. Carson is the author of the Best-Selling and Award-Winning books; “African-American Inventions That Changed The World”, “Today In African-American History”, and “African-American Musicians That Changed Music Forever: 100 Legendary Artists That Created the Soundtrack of our Lives.

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Michael A Carson

Michael grew up in Queens, New York, and now works as a Government Analyst after earning a bachelor’s degree in psychology from Virginia State University. Matthew, Michael’s son also co-authored with Michael on his latest publication; “African-American Musicians That Changed Music Forever: 100 Legendary Artists That Created the Soundtrack of our Lives. Michael’s family is now based in Atlanta, Georgia. His desire to teach future generations about the numerous major accomplishments African-Americans have made in our country and across the world evolved out of his shared interest for studying about historical personalities.

“Double Infinity Publishing” was created by Michael and his wife Shenika. Their mission is to produce high-quality literature that accurately portrays historical facts while also giving readers a voice and a platform to learn.

Michael Carson and his 11-year-old son Matthew, agreed to work on a book while most families were looking for something to do while hunkering down during the COVID-19 pandemic.

After their family’s vacation was postponed due to the pandemic, they decided to collaborate and publish “African-American Musicians That Changed Music Forever,” a compilation of 100 incredible African-American musicians who have been synonymous in the inception of several musical genres such as Gospel, Blues, Jazz, Soul Rock & Roll, R&B, Disco and Hip Hop to name a few.

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Take a step into Michael’s informative and unheard-of accounts of the influences and contributions of great African-American Personalities over the course of history. The following three masterpieces by Michael A. Carson are a must read for anyone who is into world history and great innovators that have contributed and dedicated their lives for a better future.

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